Akhil dating a hot TV anchor


Akhil dating a hot TV anchor.One is a sensation on the silver screen and the other one is a hot sensation on the small screen. And when these two go on a date, it is something the audience would love to watch. Akhil is in the news recently for his alleged relationships. Anasuya has always been a sensation and recently shot up to fame with her role in the film Kshanam. The duo is set to appear on a show being hosted by Anasuya and telecasted by TV9.

TV9 is coming up with a new show titled ‘A Date with Anasuya’ which will star Anasuya as the host ad will be attended by celebrities. Celebs on the show walk down the memory lane and reveal details about their crushes, their love life and many more. They would speak about their experiences with love and would be refreshing to see with Anasuya playing the host/ their date. Reportedly Akhil is the first guest for this show and will be aired soon.