Dwaraka Review


Cast : Vijay Devarakonda, Pooja Jhaveri, Prakash Raj, Prudhvi
Director : Srinivas Ravindra
Producer : Pradyuumna Chandrapati, Ganesh Penubotu
Production Banner : Legend Cinemas
Music : Sai Karthik
Presenter : R.B. Choudary
Banner : Super Good Films
Release Date : 3rd March 2017

Riding sky high with the phenomenal success of the film Pelli Choopulu, Vijay Devarakonda has stirred up high expectations among the audience from his next film, Dwaraka releasing worldwide today. The young star is paired with Pooja Jhaveri in this rom com that is based on a con story. The film’s trailer was received well and the film is made on a modest budget. Presented by Super Good Films, read on to see how well the film fared at box office.


Srinivasa (Vijay) makes a living as a petty burglar akong with two other frinds in a neighborhood. Owing to a chance encounter and a mix up, he is made to believe to be swamiji Krishnanandaswamy with divine powers and he becomes famous. Vasudha (Pooja) comes to seek Swamiji’s blessings and he falls in love with her at first sight. He manages to get her to stay at his ashram for 21 days. Meanwhile, a bunch of criminals try to exploit the Swamiji’s success. How the story unfolds after that and what happens when everyone gets to know about the fake Swamiji and how Srinivasa handles the situation forms the crux of the story.

Artists Performances,

Vijay manages to impress yet again with his performance in this film. He chose an unconventional role and shines in it. His role as a petty thief and a fake swamiji is good and he convinces with his acting. The female lead, Pooja Jhaveri looks good with decent acting capabilities. Prudhvi once again has something different to offer and his character evokes laughter. Murali Sharma has a great role as a rationalist who exposes fake swamijis. Prakash Raj has a weighable character as the Chief Minister and has some powerful role in the climax. Rest of the cast has delivered good performances.

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