Kashmora movie review..!!



Kashmora movie review

Cast : Karthi, Nayanathara,Sree Divya, Vivek
Cinematography : Om Prakash
Editing : Sabu Joseph
Music : Santosh Naryanan
Director : Gokul
Producer : Dream warrior pictures & PVP
Release Date : 28/10/2016

The movie Kashmora which has been a steadily growing sensation since the trailer, finally hit the theaters today. Lets get into the review to check whether this film met the expectations or not.

This is not a grave war film like featured in the trailer. It is a full fledged comedy entertainer. It is about events and happenings in lives of five people born in the Rohini nakshatra in a family. This movie definitely has an impact of the block busters Magadheera and Arundhathi. Some of the crucial points from those movies have been taken out and infused into this. Much of the story line will be revealed only in the later half. This movie has set the audience expectations to a different level through the trailer, but totally appears to be different on screen. This seems to be the best part of it. Since the very beginning, the movie is a non stop entertainer.

Artists Performances

Karthi is at his usual best and carried the entire film on his shoulders as expected. His comic timing is impeccable. In the second half, he takes it a notch higher. Nayanathara as a princess is super impressive. Vivek as Karthi’s dad evoked laughter with the rest of supporting cast giving their best.

Technical Departments 

Racy screenplay is a major highlight for the film. Though it is a predictable story, screenplay saves the day. Major strength is direction by Gokul. Music wise, 3 songs are good. Back Ground Music is a highlight and a major plus. Editing is crisp. Cinematography is alright. Graphics could have been better.

Gold (+) :

Rold Gold (-) :
Predictable Story

On the whole, Kashmora is a timepass entertainer that takes you by surprise this weekend.

Goldscreen Rating : 3.5/5

Punchline : Expect the unexpected