KTUC hits Jackpot


Pradeep Machiraju is a household name when it comes to TV anchors in Telugu. He has done multiple game shows and is a host for many award functions and live events in Telugu industry. Pradeep’s talk show, Koncham Touch lo Unte Chepta is one of its kind talk shows in Telugu and the audience seem to love it more with each season. The show’s second season is currently being aired in Zee Telugu channel and is presented by Pradeep Machiraju Productions. It garnered huge response from the audience. Many starts from Tollywood have graced the show with their presence so far.

Marking the first entry of a Bollywood superstar on Telugu talk show, KTUC has reached new heights by bringing Akshay Kumar to the show. Revealing these details on Twitter, Pradeep proudly unveiled the promo of the upcoming episode that stars Akshay Kumar. Akshay Kumar will be present alongside Ileana, who will be doing the show as a part of promoting their upcoming film, Rustom. The audience are eager to catch a glimpse of the super star in this show and it is going to be a sensation for sure. It is up to Pradeep now as to how well he would handle the superstar’s presence and how he keeps them occupied and entertained.

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