Naruda Donaruda movie review


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Review : Naruda Donaruda

Cast: Sumanth, Pallavi Subhash, Tanikella Bharani

Direction: Mallik Ram

Music: Sri Charan Pakala

Producers : Supriya Y, John Sudheer Pudhota.

Presenter : Annapurna Studios

Cinematographer : Shaniel Deo

Release date- 4th November 2016

Sumanth is making a comeback after a brief gap with the film Naruda donaruda. This film is inspired from Vicky Donor in Hindi that was released a few years ago and is an official remake of the film which starred Ayushman Khurrana and Yami Gautam. An innovative and unique concept, this film drew audience attention right from its inception. Dig in to the review to see how well the film fared at box office.


The film revolves around a happy-go-lucky guy Vicky (Sumanth) who is in need of a job. A chance encounter with a infertility specialist, Anjaneyulu (Tanikella Bharani), makes him think about a different avenue for making money. Anjaneyulu succeeds in alluring Vicky into becoming a sperm donor. How Vicky’s life gets effected by the decision he makes, how his love (Pallavi Subhash) reacts when she gets to know about his job and what consequences he faces form the crux of the film.

Artists Performances

Sumanth lives in the character and is the central point of the story. He showcased mature and good performance even in bold scenes. Right from the happy and carefree youth, a sperm donor, a loving husband, Sumanth portrayed all the variations in his character with ease and perfection. However, Tanikella Bharani has an equally meaty and important role to offer and has once again impressed the audience with his acting prowess. The lead actress, Pallavi Subhash made a decent impact with her acting and one can’t help but notice that she could have done better. The rest of the supporting cast have done a great job at evoking laughter among audience.

Technical Departments

Though the film is a remake of the hit film Vicky Donor, it was modified and necessary changes were made to suit the Telugu audience. Mallik Ram should be appreciated for doing a good job at directing the film to cater to Telugu audience without losing the original essence in the film, However he could have done a better job at it. Screenplay seemed decent. Dialogues backed the story well and were impressive, especially the one liners by Tanikella Bharani. Music however seemed okay with no great tunes to take home with. Editing and cinematography seemed good. Production values are decent and lived up to the name.

Gold (+)


Tanikella Bharani



Rold Gold (-)




On the whole, the film is a one-time watch for amazing performances by Sumanth and Tanikella Bharani. However, one should not compare it with the original and watch it as a different film altogether. Sumanth should be appreciated for attempting such a different and bold film which  is naïve for Telugu audience.

Goldscreen Rating- 3/5

The seeds are planted well..

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