Ram Charan neglected by Upasana

Ram Charan and Upasana

One of the ruling families in Tollywood is undoubtedly the Mega family. With over half a dozen heroes from this family, audience can’t seem to get enough of them as they seem to appreciate and encourage any talent from this family. But little do we get to hear about the women from this family. Breaking the path is the very talented and spirited Upasana Kamineni. Coming from an entrepreneurial background, Upasana is slowly establishing her mark in the family owned business and carving out a name for herself.

It is well known that Upasana is heading the Apollo Foundation and is the Editor in Chief for B Positive magazine, one of the leading health and wellness magazines in the city. Apollo has recently launched multi vitamin tablets for men. The management felt that a male celebrity will give the required push for promoting the product in the market. And Upasana has chosen Varun Tej for the same, and a photoshoot was done too. With a strong built physique and the height, Varun seemed to be a better choice than her husband Ram Charan. It was quite surprising to see Upasana make that choice but as an entrepreneur, she made it evident that it is Business before anything else. Bravo !!