RGV announces yet another sensational project!


Ram Gopal Varma is synonymous to sensationalism and he proves it again and again with his choice of subjects for his films and his controversial statements on social media. We all know he is coming up with the film Vangaveeti, which is based on faction rivalry from the 1980’s. This is set to hit the screens on December 23rd. Meanwhile, RGV announced another project with which he managed to raise quite a stir in the industry.

RGV took to Twitter and announced that he has registered the title ‘Shashikala’ for his next film. He even stated that the film is based on a very dear friend of a politician. While it is an easy guess that he was referring to none other than Jayalalitha and her closest companion, Shashikala, RGV sparked off rumours and stated that it is a completely fictional plot. He also said it is going to be a sincere from the leart Tamilian love story and nothing do do with fictional non politics.