Shankara movie review


Shankara movie review

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Review- Shankara movie,Cast- Nara Rohith, Regina Cassandra, MS Narayana, Rajeev Kanakala
Director-Tathineni Satya Prakash
Cinematography- Surender Reddy
Producer- R.V Chandramouli Prasad
Music- Sai Karthik
Release Date- 21st October 2016


Nara Rohith’s much awaited release, Shankara hit the screens today. Regina Cassandra played the female lead in this film directed by Satya Prakash of SMS and Bheemili Kabbaddi Jattu fame. The film is a remake of a super hit Tamil film, Mouna Guru and is about a young person who questions the atrocities of the society. Let us see how this film fared at box office.


Shankar (Nara Rohit) is a college student who pursues his education staying in a hostel. He finds it hard to adjust with the socirty because of which he often gets in to tiffs and even his mom and sister don’t approve of his behavior. In an unexpected turn of events, he becomes the primary suspect in a murder case where he gets in to a tiff with a corrupt ACP, who inturn projects him as a maniac. The story revolves around how Shankar frees himself from the accusations and how he deals with the ACP and the system in turn.

Artists Performances

The real star of the film is the story line. Nara Rohit portrays the role of an innocent college student who is accused and made to go through hell with a lot of ease. He performs the role of a helpless student and angry man with such an intensity and vigor that Rohit almost stole the show, like all his other films. He is always commendable for his choice of scripts and this one fits the bill perfectly too. Regina also has scope to perform in this de-glamorous role of hers and she does a good job at it. John Vijay delivered a good performance. Rajeev portrayed good emotions on screen.

Technical Departments

He intense and emotional storyline is the highlight of the film. The director has chosen an interesting and gripping story, however he could have worked better on the execution. Screenplay is okay and could have been improved as the film has few intense scenes and after a point, it becomes tiring. Camera work is just about okay and so is the background score of the film. The film relies heavily on the plot line and artists performances and justification has been done on that part. Production values seemed decent.

Gold (+)

Rohit’s performance


Rold Gold (-)



One the whole, to sum up, Shankara is  definitely a onetime watch for the interesting plot line and genuine performance by Rohith.

Goldscreen Rating- 3/5

A watchable thriller!