Another Star heroine’s marriage falls apart?


We have been seeing lot of high profile divorces happening in the film industry. There may be various issues brewing up to this decision, but it is sad to see the couples get divorced. Meera Jasmine is a well known name in the Telugu inudtsry and several other South film industries. She has once ruled the industry with lot of big ticket films. After facing lot of hardships, she got married to Dubai based businessman, Anil John Titus in 2014.

Anil divorced his first wife and got married to Meera Jasmine. The couple even sought police protection to ensure that Anil’s first wife and his family do not interrupt or create problems during the wedding. After such resort, it is sad to hear rumours about an apparent split between the couple. Meera has returned to India and has resumed her career in acting. The couple has been living separately for almost a year but there is no official news about their separation.